Heads Will Roll This Halloween! ALAN ROBERT'S KILLOGY® IN STORES 10/31/12

ALAN ROBERT'S KILLOGY® COMIC SERIES (IDW) ALAN ROBERT'S KILLOGY® COMIC SERIES (IDW) will see a Halloween release from IDW Publishing! On October, 31 2012, issue #1 of a four issue mini-series written and illustrated by acclaimed Crawl to Me creator, Alan Robert, will hit comic shops everywhere. The series stars Goodfellas/The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent, legendary punk icon Marky Ramone and Heroes/Dexter actress Brea Grant as it's main characters. Be sure to request your copy at your local comic shop! For more info: Official Killogy Website

"Killogy is an INSTANT CLASSIC... it finds its way into your head and stays there!" — Fangoria

"Robert's writing and artwork are TRULY UNIQUE... a perfect balance of comedy, drama, and horror." — Bloody Disgusting

"Alan Robert has UPPED HIS GAME with Killogy." — Horror Talk

"With a WINNING CAST, a cool premise, and some extremely talented artwork, KILLOGY looks to be a series that’ll satisfy the ghoul in me." — Ain't It Cool News