Life Of Agony "The Sound Of Scars" Album Hits October 11th!

"Life Of Agony's BEST ALBUM since River Runs Red!" —A&P REACTS (ON)

"26 years after the release of their debut River Runs Red, Life Of Agony continues the story that started their career so brilliantly... Life Of Agony today are much more than what they were then." —METAL HAMMER (DE), 6/7 Album Review

"Continues the story of debut River Runs Red... A prime example of how to combine hardness with emotion." —ROCK HARD (DE), 8.5/10 Album Review

"Life Of Agony stepped into the the red river again to search for a place where there’s no more pain, but found the best of the two worlds instead!" —ROCK HARD (SK)

"Life Of Agony has delivered a small MASTERPIECE with this." —ARROW LORDS OF METAL (NL),  9/10 Album Review

"The new record LEFT ME SPEECHLESS in an exciting and positive way. An amazing job in connecting history with the future." —HEADBANGER'S LIFESTYLE (NL)

“A GREAT MUSICAL JOURNEY; it sounds unmistakably like Life Of Agony, but more accessible!” —AARDSCHOK (NL), 8/10 Album Review

The Sound Of Scars is a delicious record which also invites you to listen to their debut again!” —LUST FOR LIFE (NL), 4/5 Album Review

"KILLER ALBUM... The Sound Of Scars sees them raise the bar, breaching their heavy sound between metal and punk in a truly remarkable way." —DOWN FOR LIFE (UK), 8/10 Album Review

"Mina carries the emotional burden... A STRONG ALBUM." —ROCK TRIBUNE (BE) 8/10 Album Review