Alan Robert Releases Undead Coloring Book Art to Celebrate Life of Agony’s ‘The Sound of Scars’


As fans already know, Brooklyn-based band Life of Agony are in the middle of recording their new album The Sound of Scars with producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a Down) in her Oregon studio.

Bassist and horror artist Alan Robert, who is behind the insanely popular The Beauty of Horrorbook series, continued his creative endeavors in the middle of recording. While tracking drums, Sylvia set Robert up with a drawing table and he ended up drawing the below scene, which is downloadable for fans to color. Tag #LOA and hit up @arobert and @OffiLIFEOFAGONY to show your work directly to the band!

The Sound of Scars is the band’s follow-up to their classic breakthrough River Runs Red (1993).

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