Esquire Feature: Alan Robert



Alan Robert is not just the bassist and co-founder of the Brooklyn metal legends Life of Agony. Besides writing most of the band's lyrics and being responsible for the artwork of the albums and t-shirts, Alan Robert is a graduate artist, author of a series of horror comics and coloring books, the latest one, "The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas" was released a few months ago. A new one is waiting for us - "The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats". He has a number of awards, the first editions of his books are sold out weeks after the release, and currently they are shooting movies, based on a couple of them. In his comic books there are nightmarish thrillers ("Crawl To Me"), others tell of rock'n'roll murderers-superheroes ("Killogy") and there are the charming grotesque coloring books from "The Beauty in Horror" series, filled with zombies, skeletons and monsters. We caught Alan in Munich at the end of their last tour, and he has quite openly told us about the band over the years, the difficulties in the life of the musician, the responsibility for the fans who have found his songs and Life of Agony as an integral part of their lives and the band as his family.